One Year

It has been one year since Pennsylvania welcomed us.

We have learned. We have laughed. We have cried and cried some more. (And I'll admit to a little cursing here and there along the way……that Solomon, I tell ya….) It has been nothing short of an adventure. And that is why we are very sorry to see it come to an end so quickly…

The first glimpse of our home last December.


Sheesh. I almost gave myself a heart attack just writing that! Anyway, it has been a while and I just thought I would share this important milestone with you. We landed here a year ago and have not been the same since. And that's not such a bad thing as it turns out. 

The days we live for here in Western PA
Here's to a year down and many more to go! Cheers!

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  1. Ha ha ha very funny. I am always the last to find things out after the fact! I thought you could be serious after the issues you've had with the house (and Liam's teacher).

    A whole year and we haven't found any time to even get together. What the heck happened to the summer??? That's horrible. Tell me you have a day the last week of this year that we could get the kids together for a couple hours to chase chickens and each other, or run around in the cold making snowmen? Email me! Merry Christmas =^) Kara


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