Combo Disaster: Part 3

Solomon and _________________. (Insert anything there and it is pretty much going to be a disastrous combination.)

I figure this one is well suited for some simple pics describing why Solomon with anything other than perhaps a locked, padded, empty room, is a disaster.

The blotch next to his eye is where he met with an unexpected hard corner in the airport....a few days of recovery time and he looks pretty good. 

Solomon is relentless in his pursuits on the playground.

Hey, look, I found a gallon of Milk just sitting around.....

Notice, it is not empty.....

Here he is moving the furniture....FYI, that belongs under the mirror. 

I think he might be trying to take it back here.....

Solomon running away from us....he does not look back, just runs forward. 

Here is a video of Solomon climbing Mt. Highchair.....so glad he learned THAT one. 

What happens when Sister gives Baby a chocolate chip pancake.....

The big smile is due to the entire box of golden raisins Solly dumped out on the floor.....so much for me practicing piano!

No biggie Mom. We can just eat them off the floor.

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