Speaking With Wolves

(It's like Dancing With Wolves only you are less likely to embarrass yourself.....or get eaten.)

Here are some of the latest quips and conversations noted in our family (and by latest, I am talking in the last month or so as I have been taking mental notes but writing next to nothing!):

While out in CA, Kurt decided we should drive the kids into Stanford by way of University Boulevard which is lined with the most gorgeous Palm trees imaginable. As we were driving through, pointing out the pretty trees, Kurt started telling the kids:

"This is the campus your mom and I lived on when we were first married and where I went to business school...."

Lily: "You mean, you and mom camped here?"

Madeline: "SQUIRREL!" 

And that was the end of that conversation as apparently they are neglected and have never seen squirrels before.....


One night in the middle of my marathon training, Solomon awoke screaming (it turns out his eardrum had perforated but we wouldn't discover that until the next morning). Somehow, I managed to sleep through the noise until Kurt nudged me awake and in his mostly asleep state said: "Could you please go turn off the screaming?!" 


We were on the way to church one Sunday when Lily started trying to spell a word. 


"Lily, what are you trying to spell?' Kurt asked. 

"That's," she replied. 

"You mean like, 'That's my mom?'" Kurt questioned.

"No, no!" she said adamantly. "I mean like, 'That's a rock.'"  


For father's day, I had the kids make a list of why they loved their daddy. After Aidan, Madeline and Lily had all written their sentences, I asked Liam: "Liam, why do you love daddy?"

He gave me a look like I was some Neanderthal who was asking what a car was used for, but without skipping a beat he said: "Uh, because I like EVERYONE!" (The duh was implied I think.)


Enjoy your day!

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  1. These are great! Thanks for letting us in on the wolf conversations!


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