Recap, in pics

I haven't had time to sit down and write. Heck, I haven't had time to stop and think much less pay close attention to the details. And currently I am sitting outside a hotel room in Northern California waiting for the baby to wake up from his nap so that he can let me back in....ok, not really, (about the letting me back in part) but naps are certainly tricky while traveling across the country with five kids! 

At any rate, I have tried to keep my camera on hand, to snap up some moments. Here is what the last few weeks have looked like:

 Why the cords you might wonder....well, Solomon has this freaky obsession with them and he pulls them out and starts plugging them in, or leaves a trail of them wherever he goes....yay!

These are the eggs my dear friend brought me from her farm.....

Here is what was left of the eggs the next morning.....look how bright they are.....so fresh and so yummy! I can't wait till we can have our own chickens. I just know Kurt is on board after eating these, right Kurt? Kurt? Hello?
Here is the random pie crust I started making before i realized I didn't have the ingredients I needed to make the rhubarb pie I thought I would make.

And so I started a new crust hoping to make a different pie and then realized you were supposed to bake the nuts BEFORE adding the chocolate. Doh.

So, we started over.....and made the crust for a peanut butter chocolate pie, which was delicious and which we ate up before I got around to snap a photo of the finished product....but if you have ever seen a picture of a really yummy Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, it looked just like that, only better.

Solomon, happy that one of his siblings gave him an open container of chocolate pudding to use for finger painting. Yay.

These next five pictures fall under the category of: What could possibly go wrong?
Solomon, trying to sit on the wood holder, after he put it up on the hearth.....

Notice Solomon's wire necklace as Liam tries brushing his hair....

"Uh, what do you think you are doing?"

This is a Hidden Picture: if you look closely at this photo I captured with my phone, you can see the owl in the middle.....I found him on one of my runs, right after I convinced myself I didn't need to take my camera with me....

And then, I convinced myself that surely I wouldn't see another cool thing on the very next run so I didn't need my camera that time either and lo and behold my friend and I came upon this cool shot: 

Lily on a special dress day for her school.....we especially liked the addition of the earmuffs under her sun hat....

This next series explains why I can't open my windows this spring.....

It was when he got to this point and was trying to stand up in the windowsill that I dropped the camera to help him narrowly avoid disaster!

Kurt and Liam checking out the annual opening of the hydrant....

The baby turtle I found on a run.....why take a picture when you can just take the whole turtle?.....more on this story later....

Liam trying to LICK! THE BABY TURTLE!.....seriously. 

Solomon declaring himself king of the mountain, on top of the violin cases.....wielding a cello bow. 

"I was just riding my little car by the unlocked cabinet when all of a sudden the baking equipment just JUMPED OUT IN FRONT OF ME! What's a one year old to do Mom?" 

Why is he so happy?

Because his sister gave him THE ENTIRE POT OF MAC-N-CHEESE.....

And finally, how do you know when you may have ordered too much mulch for your landscaping?

When you put a double layer over everything in your yard and you still have this pile left over:

That's Kurt taking mulch over to our neighbors yard to put under their trees.....

Next time we probably will get a little less.....by like half....

Have a great week! 

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  1. Your Solomon is a *very* busy guy. I guess it wouldn't do to set him to work on using that pile of mulch?

    I am truly impressed that in the midst of all the keeping tabs on that child, you had the energy to make pies. It usually takes me three days just thinking about making a pie to build up enough energy to actually make one. But, ahh, there's nothing better than a home-made pie.


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