Garden Antics

It is spring. And with it comes the beginning of planting season (read: weeding season) in the garden. So, recently I found myself having this conversation with Kurt and thought I should share because, well, yeah, this is kind of how our conversations roll. It went something like this:

Him: I don’t think we should grow the vining plants on the garden fences this year because the deer eat too much of them.
Me: They only occasionally eat the outside of the plants and not even all of them. It’s not the end of the world. And anyway, it is the most practical way to grow those darn beans.
Him: We can just get some trellises to put inside and put up a bigger fence.
Me: That costs too much. I read in a book recently that you can scare off pesky animals with urine. We could just pee on the plants.
Him: (Edging close to exasperated) So, that’s your solution. We are going to PEE. On our food.
At which point I was lost because somehow it sounded better in my world, before he put it that way. But I have to admit, I did see his point. 
An hour later I was walking out of my dentist appointment still giggling so at least there was an upside to the idea, even if it has some major draw backs.  (I mean, who doesn't appreciate a good chuckle, outside Grumpy Dwarf maybe but really, what does he have to be so grumpy about anyway? He lives with 6 best friends and has a beautiful, sweet woman to do all his housework and cooking. And of course, he totally doesn't exist. Unless maybe Kurt is Grumpy.....but then, he isn't a dwarf. Although, I might very well be able to claim the role of Snow White. That would explain a lot....)
Him: What are you laughing at.
Me: Peeing on our garden veggies. 
Him: Yeah. I'd like to see you out there trying to do that. 
I'm pretty sure he means that as a dare.....maybe I could just use the kids' pee in a spray bottle though. It would be a little less conspicuous that way. 
(Note: I have this strange feeling that I am going to have far less people interested in my garden veggies this year. I guess it works on deer and humans.....)

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