Bring Your Own Blessing

Running into random people you know at just the right time:

This week I took my kids to the park, got there and realized Liam had peed through his diaper. I had no extra clothes on hand though. When I was trying to get his new diaper on, a little girl from our church ran up to say hi. I sent her back to her dad to ask if he had an extra pair of little boy pants. He did. Problem solved!

The next day, I had a make-up appointment for Liam at his speech therapist's office. When we arrived, a friend whom I needed to talk to was sitting in the waiting room. Woo hoo for timing!

Yesterday, the kids and I skipped church (shhhhhh, don't tell!) because we were running half an hour late. We went to the local coffee house instead and when we were pulling into the parking lot, our friend Marv was pulling in as well. The kids were ecstatic and we had a very nice coffee time together (although I do believe I need to work with the kids on their inside voices when they are excited, which seems to be all the time!)

Three cheers for random encounters!

Where have you been blessed with good timing lately?


  1. My blessing is that after more than 44 years of marriage, my husband still gets a "Hello Kitty" cake for me for my birthday!!

  2. Thanks for this - I need to be looking for blessings more, given that I'm in a funk and need to climb out.

    Good timing - went to the DMV yesterday with my son to get his learner's permit and he passed the test on the first try, and the whole thing went off without a hitch. Not the same as running into people randomly but it serendipitously took way less time than I expected.


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