Holy Week, Part Two

"Well, I'll be Darned!"

I have to Go Tell it on the Mountain this fine Easter morning: I did it. I was able to hem a pair of my pants and actually do a decent job. And I am so proud of myself (and thankful for the guidance of my patient friend, Kim) that I have to show you. As can be seen in the picture, Solomon is obviously not too impressed (he's kind of wise like that) but that's ok. He needn't be.

I even darned the holes in my jeans....although I will admit, they are not exactly how the fashion conscious person might want them. And I did run out of blue thread and had to leave one side only partially finished. But it does extend their life in my wardrobe by another few years I am guessing (trendiness is not my thing as previously discussed.)

I'm ecstatic as these two things mean I will be able to save a lot of money in the coming years hemming and fixing clothes myself. And the projects are already rolling in, thanks to an 8 year old boy who apparently thinks skidding on his knees is a valid means of mobility and a 3 year old who grows so slow that he can fit into the same pair of pants two years straight, leaving plenty of opportunity for wear and tear. (I've already darned up two holes in the knees of his 12 month sized pants that he loves and can still wear!)

What does it all mean to you? Nothing. But for us, it means, next year, the week before Easter will be far less holey and we can spend our time on more lofty pursuits.

Speaking of lofty pursuits, like many families, we had a joyous Easter morning, filled with baskets of goodies and the traditional egg hunt. We even made it to church close to on time, although the pews were already full and we ended up in the extra seats in the very back. Afterward, I attempted to get the 5 children in a picture worth sharing. I ended up with a lot of bunny ears and crazy faces mixed in with a few tender moments, the occasional fight and one crying Liam (once the sugar high came crashing down and he had simply had it.)

Here are the best of the best (scroll down fast or you might miss your bedtime):


And after a hundred and twenty some odd shots, I didn't get a single "perfect" picture. But I did capture a very accurate story of our family.

Imperfect? To be certain. Chaotic? Just a bit. Fantastically fun? You betcha! 

Happy Easter!

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