It's the Thought That Counts (Right???)

While we knew spelling was not his strong suit, we now know Aidan may need a little work on his, um, hospitality skills.

This is the letter Aidan attached to the piece of candy he gave my father as a welcoming gift.  (See below for the legible version!)

"Dear Offah (Grandpa),
Thanks for coming!
I have this thing called tickets in my class and I wasted 20 tickets just to buy this candy. Oh, and the candy is sugar-free so no need for brushing after. Don't bite it either cause your teeth will fall out.
Love, Aidan"

Can't ya just feel the love? I mean, he could have spent 40 tickets to get something that actually tastes good and perhaps doesn't break teeth, but why "waste" any more than he had to? Hopefully it really is the thought that counts. (We just need to fine tune the thought part!)


  1. On the positive side, he has excellent penmanship! I can't believe what a big boy he is! I remember meeting you right before he was born...memories!

  2. Thanks Kathy! Actually, this was written in haste; he actually has much better handwriting when he tries. (And much worse on some occasions as well, unfortunately!)

    Yes, time has flown by....it is hard to believe. Just you wait! ;)


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