Lily Antics

While I won't bore you with my 9 month countdown to the unknown, I will say that at 7 weeks in, I may be a little absent here in Bloggerville due to the fact that I am asleep...or wish I were asleep and thus have no energy to actually even just sit here and type. In about 7 more weeks, I expect to be fully functioning again (albeit a good 14 pounds heavier assuming all goes as, um, unplanned....) And yes, I do gain weight as if my life depended on it during the first 12 weeks or so. I'm just happy that this time around, I don't seem to be craving Stouffers Lasagnas and Chef Boyardee ravioli. Actually, this is the first time I have had cravings for things like fruits and veggies (and MEAT) rather than processed junk and McDonald's fries. This one is apparently marching to their own drummer. Speaking of own drummers, here's what's been going on in the life of Lily.

"Mom, I wish God were my real dad," Lily told me at lunch.

"Lily, that's not nice. That would make our daddy sad," Madeline scolded. "If God were our dad, then daddy wouldn't have a wife anymore and he would be all alone. That's sad."

"Well, I don't know which mommy I like the best," Lily said a little later, after I had thoroughly contemplated the idea of being married to God (talk about pressure!) "I mean, I like you mommy but....."

But what? That OTHER mommy seems nicer? Maybe you need to go see if God would let you move in with Him....see how that works out for ya kid!

But really, Lily is pretty funny. Last night I went into her room to help her get on her night clothes. She had Spiderman PJ's picked out and was talking to herself:

"Spiderman is a GOOOOOD superhero. He shoots some awesome web out of his hands and he is totally awesome."

Meanwhile, she was putting her underwear on backwards.

"Lily, you put your undies on backwards. Step back out," I said.

She stepped out and did a 180 degree turn with her entire body, because, you know, that is WAY easier than just flipping the undies the other way.

She then galloped over and hoisted herself up onto the bathroom counter to brush her teeth. I came in as she was squatting over the sink in her Spiderman PJ's telling stories about Captain Underpants and his triumph over Professor Poopypants to her toothbrush.

Where do you even begin?

This afternoon when I asked her to go awake Liam from his nap, she said sure and immediately went "Cock-a-doodle-dooing" all the way up the staircase. I'm sure Liam loved it at any rate.

Speaking of birds, Madeline has taken on a Cinderella-like persona, talking about the birds as if they were her dearest friends. On our walk today, she told us all about how "Mr. Tree Swallow and Blackbird are best friends but Mr. Swallow is flying away because he is mad at Blackbird for being mean and...." I was just glad she didn't ask any questions when the two Goldfinches fell out of the tree right in front of us still quite, um, attached to each other. I bet they didn't see that comin'! (Join the club little finches, join the club!)

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