Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day begins a little early around here as none of my children can wait to give me their special, school-made gifts. This year was quite humorous so I have to share. Below are the answers my kids gave to the fill-in-the-blank cards they wrote in their individual classes.

Aidan's said:
My Special Mom
She's as pretty as: a flower.
I love it when she: gives me hugs.
She taught me how to: fold towels. (Woo hoo! At least one of them is paying attention!)
The best thing about my mom is: she's lovable.
The best present I can give my mom is: my love. (Ahhhhh.)

Madeline's said:
I like it when my mom: is nice. (You know, those few and far between moments.)
My mom can do many things. I think she is best at: laundry. (Hmmm, beginning to see a theme here.)
It makes my mom smile when: I tickle her.
My mom is as pretty as a: butterfly.
My mom is smart. She even knows: that a chicken lays an egg. (Really, I'm that super, duper smart!)

Lily's said:
My mom is as pretty as: a cat, oh and the Steelers, too. (Um, wow, thanks. Somehow neither of these leaves me feeling oh so pretty.....but if I had to choose, I'm gonna go with the cat.)
My mom is really good at: playing the piano. (Thank goodness for indiscriminate ears!)
I can help my mom: take care of Liam. (Phew, glad she's got my back!)
I love my mom more than: a snake, because I'm very scared of snakes. (Hee hee, hee hee hee....Gotta love Lilyisms.)

Happy Mothers Day to you all!

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