Overdue U-Haul Pictures

The priceless U-Haul adventure: The story in Pictures:

Beginning with Aidan standing behind the stuck truck and then trying to play "teeter totter" on the wood used to un-stick the U-Haul. You can see our good friend Craig and his son Jack trying to jack up the side...What kind of parent lets the 6 year old stand directly behind the truck anyway??? But then, it wasn't going anywhere!

Here's Kurt, trying to explain to the neighbor's step-mother what happened without using words like "hard-headed" or worse...

Our friend Todd looks on, smartly from a distance....I am sure with total admiration for this process.

The damage...

My father-in-law, Lupo, coming in with the plywood.

Kurt on the phone with the U-Haul people, just in case....

Ready to roll....(this actually worked too....)

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