Little Lessons: Theology and Otherwise

Aidan was being especially disobedient yesterday. After spending multiple hours in his room I decided to read him the Bible story of Jonah from his Children's Bible. Afterwards, I asked, "Aidan, what happened in this story?"

"Well," Aidan replied, "Jonah didn't follow directions."

"Exactly," I said. "So what did God do?"

"He sent a big storm," Aidan said.

After a small pause I prodded, "Yes, and then what came and swallowed Jonah?"

"Well, a big fish, probably a whale, came and swallowed him," he answered.

"See," I said. "If you don't follow directions bad things can happen. You could even get swallowed by a fish!"

Aidan gave me that look of superiority as he replied, "Actually Mom, the fish was sent to HELP Jonah."

Didn't see that coming....darn kid.


At any rate, today we were driving to the store when Aidan noticed some repairs in the road; long, black, tar filled lines cutting in and out of the lanes. 

"Mom, what are those lines in the road," he asked above Lily who was screaming, "Mom?! Mom?!" as if she had something REALLY important to tell me.

"Just a minute, Lily," I said. "Aidan, those are where they have had to repair the roads. You see, the roads take a big beating here in the very cold winter and then the dramatic change into the hot summers and so they get holes and have to be filled to keep the roads smooth." (Hey, it sounded good at the time...) 

"Mom, MOM, MOOOOOOOM!" Lily screamed again.

"Yes, Lily. What is it?" I answered. 

She asked: "Do some people get worms crawling in their butt?"

If I had been drinking something at the time, I am certain I would have spewed it all over the front of the car  by way of MY NOSE! And I am positive I would have answered that question more appropriately had I not been laughing so hard in that sucker punch kind of way.... 

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