Over the Rainbow

Although I am personally somewhere over the Rainbow (hee hee, I just couldn't help that one) due to the outpouring of opinions about my most recent post (see The Rainbow), I feel the need to clarify. 

Clearly, my friendly neighbor has the right to tell us not to use her play system and of course we will fully comply. After all, we are friends and she paid for the thing and although I suggested she charge rent for usage (a joke that I think may have gotten lost in translation) that isn't the point. 

I did have enough people "relate" to my neighbor's request to make me wonder if I had gone partially mad...which, duh, I have four kids, so of course I have lost some marbles along the way....which is just fine by me; they were a choking hazard anyhow! But for the record, I do not lack judgement (at least not as much as I may have in adolescence, hee hee). For example, there have been many times our kids have wanted to go play when they see them out there with company and I have told them no we can't, as not to crash the party. (Instead, we go to the other neighbor's play structure and stare longingly until their kids come running over and their parents have to chase them back into their own yard....ok, that only happened once and it was totally Aidan's idea...tee hee.) 

We also recognize that they have napping children and so we are considerate and do not come creeping out of our hive, one, two, three, four, five, until late afternoon when the ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah. 

My only real beef (or is it chicken?) was that well, we don't have our own fun play structure and gosh darn it, we have to walk another 20 feet in order to get to the one on which we are welcome to play at any time! Seriously though, this is a non-issue. As I said, we are over the Rainbow and in true Graceful Chicken style, we were out playing on it again today anyway....after being sought out and given a welcoming invitation of course.

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