In the dead of the night last night I was awakened by an ear curdling scream:


I jumped from my bed and ran to her side where she was sitting up next to her bed, screaming at Lily.

"Madeline, stop screaming," I said quietly. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Lily won't help me make my bed," she softly cried. I looked over at Lily, sprawled out like a log across her mattress AND SNORING. Did I mention it was 3:00 in the morning? Of course, given that Madeline is the same child who, after taking a hard fall on the sidewalk yesterday, was able to stop herself just short of total hysteria when she realized she had gone face first into an ant hill and was now staring eye to eye with dozens of ants ("WAAAAAAAA!"....abrupt hush...."Look Mom! Ants!"), it doesn't surprise me.

And now for something totally different: we went to the Como Zoo today with my good friend Stephanie and her two kids. (Lily and Madeline are bookends here.)

We saw reindeer and seals and thought about adopting the sweet kitty cat below:
But I didn't think he'd make such a great indoor cat....

What really got the kids attention though was the primate house where we saw spider monkeys, sloths, and a baby orangutan riding on its mommy's back. 

And then we got to the gorillas.

I'm not sure why but I get the distinct feeling the gorillas were trying to tell us something:

And to that end, have a great weekend! (hee hee)

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