The Last Supper

A few years back, our church here in MN did an "enactment" of Leonardo DaVinci's painting The Last Supper. We all hoo'ed and haw'ed over the fact that the minister had asked Kurt to play Jesus. Although he looked more like a Roman Soldier than a devout Jewish man, Kurt played a fine Jesus, I must admit. He sat up there, a serious look on his face as he told his disciples that that very night one of them would betray him. Each of the 12 apostles went through their personal monologue, telling us who they were, their relationship with Jesus and then questioning, who could do such a thing as betray the Son of God....."Could it be me?" 

A few weeks ago, the minister asked if Kurt would be willing to step up to the plate again and be Jesus once more for the The Last Supper. Although I told the minister that he might need to find another Jesus, so as not to give Kurt any grandiose ideas, Kurt agreed to play the part yet again. 

So last night, Maundy Thursday, we loaded the kids up and went to church so they could watch their daddy "play Jesus." Aidan and Madeline sat fairly patiently eyeing the shots of grape juice in the center of the table. After a minimal meal, hymn singing and scripture reading, Jesus and the 12 disciples walked in and positioned themselves at the head table, mimicking the famous painting. The scripture and painting, melded together and came to life before us. It was a touching depiction of the solemn scene. 

As we were getting into the car afterwards, Madeline asked, "Why did they say it was the last supper?" 

Sensing she was a little scared she'd never get to eat dinner again I responded, "That's what they call the last meal Jesus had with his disciples."

"But why was it his last supper?" she asked.

"Because he didn't get to eat again," Kurt said.

"It was that very night that one of his friends turned him in to the Roman soldiers who took him away and then hung him on the cross," I said. 

There was a short pause. If there were wheels in Aidan's head, I am sure we would have heard them spinning as his next question was:

"Um, are they going to put daddy on the cross now?"

Thus ended the solemn mood.....

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