Casualty Count

Our current Black Widow Hunting count is: 1 HUGE mama widow, 1 medium sized, 2 fairly young ones, 3 for sure widow spiderlings and 2 "unknown-but-possibly-venomous-so-had-to-smash-them-just-in-case" spiderlings. We also have 1 spotted in a rusted out hole in our front gate but have been unable to make the kill due to location and we are still on the lookout for the widow in the baby's room....Oh, and I also found a suspicious looking spider in my half-awake state in the bathroom last night so I will try to get that one tonight when she comes back out to hang upside down on her web. (I am pretty sure I saw a light hourglass on her belly but it was hard to tell through my drowsy eyes at 2 a.m. Apparently, my vision was boycotting the whole event.)

More on this later...

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