One Sided Conversations

Here is a sampling of things I have found myself saying in the last 7 days:

"Get out of the freezer Solly,…..no, all the way out…."

"Solly, what did you do with the rest of my guitar case?"

"Solomon, no poking a million tiny holes in the moving boxes! Give me that screwdriver!……(ten minutes later)…. SOLLLLY! No digging a gigantic hole in the boxes either! Where did you get that second screwdriver?!?!"

"Solomon, where is your diaper? Wait, NOOOOO! We don't pee on the carpets!!!!!"

At the doctors: "No hanging from the Sharps container Solomon!"

To Solly's teacher (as I am running out the door): "Um, sorry about the tape measurer……and the basting brush….and good luck getting that coat on him!"

It is so much fun having a Solomonster. Really. I don't know what we'd do without him…..other than be calmer and possibly more relaxed and be able to move to Mars without Swiss Cheese-like boxes…...

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