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Back in December, while Kurt was out of town and I was reading the local paper over a hard-earned glass of cheap red wine, I saw a blip from a local magazine seeking a few women to sit on a new editorial board they were creating. Having just come off the high of being in another local magazine, and because it sounded particularly interesting that evening as I was resolving to be more than "just a mom", I wrote the editor of Savvy.MN and applied for a position on the board.

Now, those of you who faithfully read this blog and remember last year's Red Dress incident or my fashion statement at my sister's NYC wedding the year before, you are already laughing because you are thinking what I apparently wasn't thinking after two glasses of wine: how does someone without any care for fashion, who is not the least bit "savvy" per say, sit on an editorial board of a magazine that is all about such things?!

My thought was that I would be the voice of the athletic, stay-at-home mom who, although is not the most up-to-date when it comes to such things as fashion and shopping, does care about good journalism, writing and how it all comes together. Plus, we oddball marathon-running moms of five or more kids must be represented.....all three of us.....

At any rate, they chose nine women to sit on the board and surprisingly, I was chosen to participate. (I think the editor must have felt some sort of pity on me and decided to take a leap of faith that I would have an occasional good idea. I will be forever thankful.)

Today was the first meeting, and while I can't tell you anything about it because then I would have to kill you and that is apparently bad for readership, I will tell you that I was thrilled to be out of the house sans kids, enjoying lunch and brainstorming with a bunch of women I would never have met otherwise. Of course, it occurred to me afterwards that everyone else had actually thrown on something nicer than jeans and a sporty shirt, and that they were, for the most part, fully accessorized (and no, Self, the rubber band around your wrist does not count!) But, having just come back from the gym where I had done a crazy seven miles of intervals and hills, all I can say is, hey, at least I showered! This is progress.

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