The To-Don't List

October is the month when bloggers all over the internet make the great effort to write every day for 31 straight days. You may remember my attempt at that last year....and then the following silence as I had to break from writing and get caught up with the life I had left behind for a full month. (Those poor, poor starving children.....)

This year I added the daily-post idea to my Do-Not-Do-List, my To-Don't List if you will. 

You know, most of us from time to time (some of us obsessively) make to-do lists. Some people even write things on their to-do lists that they have already done just so they can cross it out and feel like they accomplished even more, so I've heard, ahem....But have ya ever stopped and just written all the things down that you are simply not going to do today? The great thing about a To-Don't list is that when you are done making your list, you can feel totally accomplished because by not doing those things, you are done with the entire list, just like that. Genius, I know. You can thank me later. 

Things on my current To-Don't List: 

-- Scrub toilets (Seriously an overrated act.....they just get nasty again anyway.....plus, why have all these kids if they don't do the least desirable chores? It would be irresponsible of me to NOT teach them basic house care like scrubbing toilets, mopping floors and catching spiders....)

-- Run through pain (You'd think that would be instinctive, but then, you'd be wrong.)

-- Get edgy about the girls' soccer games (But seriously, you'd think the coach would teach them to NOT kick the ball right in front of their own goal so consistently.....maybe they should put that on their To-Don't Lists!) (Just kidding Kurt, the cats you are herding wouldn't listen to you anyway!)

Speaking of cats:
-- Worry about the cat getting out (Sorry cat, you're on your own if you take that risk, tsk tsk.....and for the record, I'm not saving your booty if you have to be put down because you attack the neighbor WHO'S ONLY TRYING TO PET YOU! Bad, bad Leroy Brown....)

-- Take any more music students (I currently have 5 students with the two families I kept from last year, an all-time low, but it has made quite a positive impact on our family life....amazing how much more time and less stress goes along with NOT working every afternoon! Who knew?!)

-- Become one of those moms I've heard about recently who start drinking right after dropping their kids off at school (Trust me fellow moms, I get it! The morning frenzy can be completely ridiculous and utterly overwhelming, but maybe you are taking the old saying "It's 5:00 somewhere" just a wee bit too far? Just saying'....)

-- Take up citizenship in crazy land.....My good friend told me today that I shouldn't do this and you know what? She's spot on! Thanks for the advice, Deb!

-- Blog everyday in October (You're welcome!)

So, what would you put on your To-Don't list right now?

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