The Rooster Shoes

Why, you might ask, is Solomon so happy in his green outfit on St. Patty's Day? It certainly isn't because of the Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes and slightly undercooked (my bad!) Irish Soda Bread as he can't partake just yet.  And it isn't because of the Shamrock Shakes (our version is your standard vanilla milkshake with added food coloring.....and a bit of Irish Cream for the adults of course....) for he has yet to taste those either. And while I'd like to think it has to do with the new green loveys the kids picked out for him (see the plush Frog and Alligator below), he has yet to fully attach.

So, what could it be he is smiling about? Why, what else but the splendid Rooster Shoes made especially for him by my good and VERY TALENTED friend Kim who thought a pair of homemade chicken paraphernalia would be most fitting for a baby gift!

How cool are these?! Seriously, they are the perfect gift for a Graceful Like a Chicken child. We knew he had big shoes to fill with a name like his, but we had no idea they'd be so chick, I mean, chic! 

Click here to check out these shoes in better detail or here to see the incredibly cool baby wrap snuggly she made, one for me and one for her since she gave birth last week to Solly's best bud, a handsome red-headed boy (you'd think with my partly Irish but totally red-headed father I could have had at least ONE kid with red hair....but alas, it didn't happen. I'm thinking maybe we'll just dye Solomon's...or simply admire Kim's!)

At any rate, a huge thanks to the big guy upstairs for giving me such neat friends! And to you too Kim, for sharing that awesome talent of yours!


  1. They're just adorable (the shoes and the new little guy wearing them)!!

  2. Those shoes are wonderful! It is amazing that you know someone who can make baby shoes.


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