Lily Letters

Do you want to know what breed of chicken would be right for your backyard? Check out this website I found recently: My Pet Chicken If you aren't the least bit interested, no worries, most of us don't get to pick our chickens before they hatch anyhow!

Speaking of random chickens; last night, Lily decided she wanted to write some letters.

"Mom, can you write down my letters for me?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, taking the pen and scrap pieces of paper she handed me.

"Ok, write this," she said.

"Sorry Dad, since I tackled you at the gym. You will always be my dad. And I will always love you." --Lily

"Ok, here's another one," she went on.

"Dear God, Thank you for the trespasses and thank you for the daily bread. I will always love you. The end." (Either we need to explain a little better what trespasses means or she is extremely honest about enjoying that particular part of life.)

"Here's another one," she said.

"Dear Madeline, you are really pretty and you will always be my sister and I will never hurt you....again. Love Lily"

Hey, she's trying here. Kind of like the other day when she asked if I would make her a sign for her bedroom.

"What would you like it to say?" I curiously inquired.

"Only Girls and Daddy and Mommy and Liam allowed."

While I kind of wanted to praise her for keeping with the positive of who IS included rather than singling out the one (Aidan) who is not, I figured we'd better just not write the sign. The gender war has already half begun around here as it is; no reason to fan that fire.

And although I think it is kind of neat that you can pick out a chicken breed based on a series of pre-programed questions (afterall, it's probably important to know which ones will have parts freeze off in the winter around here.....just sayin'), with kids, you have to go with the "take what you get" approach, learning as you go to simply enjoy the ride. And oh, what a ride indeed!

Happy Monday!

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