FL pictures, Week 2

First up, GiGi's house

My grandma and I with the kids

A happy Great-Grandma!

DiDi (my Aunt Diane) singing and dancing with Liam

We stopped for special yogurt treats in Orlando with my cousin Warren and his wife Karly

Next up: JoJo's house

Left to Right: Caroline, Madeline, Aidan, Lily, Jonathan and Jordan

My cousin Johanna and me

Sour Grapes: A visit to a Florida vineyard

The man with the plan: my father carries all the grapes we picked. He grew up thinking these scuppernong grapes were a real treat. Although I have to admit, they will not be making it into our shopping cart any time soon (or, um, EVER), at the very least, picking them was pretty cool. Of course, after our friend's warning ("Watch where the kids stand. We've had a real fire ant problem this year.") the image of Eddie Murphy doing his First Black President skit kept dancing through my head as I kept reminding the kids to keep their little feet moving.

A rare sighting: Kurt OUTSIDE in the Florida heat (taken right before he retreated back to the air conditioned car)

Although we were at a the vineyard to pick grapes, the kids found the Tilapia (and mosquito breeding) pond far more interesting. Here they are looking for tadpoles and other such things with Grandma.

Lily, looking a wee bit lost on the other side of the pond

Ahhh, cooling off with Uncle Wesley again

Jonathan and Lily showing their moves (they started struttin' their stuff while watching the movie Eloise)

Kurt and my brother Wes sit for one last photo shoot before we have to say our good-byes

And thus we come to the end of this year's Florida visit. Though I'll admit we complained too much about the FL heat, we are truly fortunate to have experienced it since currently MN temperatures are topping out in the 60s! (Yes, in AUGUST!) We will look back even more fondly come January...at which point we will wonder why we ever left.

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