Chicken Nose

"The effect of protein malnutrition on the susceptibility of the chicken nose to Newcastle disease virus (NDV) was studied." -Springerlink Journal Article

So, there was this guy sitting there thinking, 'Hey man, I wonder if a protein deficiency makes a chicken's nose more susceptible to a virus.' And it did. The end.

And here I didn't even realize chicken's had noses.

Last night, I was sitting there reading a magazine when Lily, having crept out with her pillow and blanket and quietly made a nest next to the kitchen trash can, found an old, half-popped popcorn kernel....AND STUCK IT UP HER NOSE! Now, I know it was an old kernel because it has been over a week since we last ate popcorn and I know she stuck it up her nose because she came running over, snorting and snuffing, and then flung herself on the ground, finger up her nose (you know, because shoving the thing just a little farther always makes for a good story!) and then, finally coming up for air, blood squirting out of her nostril, she gave me that look of "COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME NOW? DON'T YOU SEE I AM IN CRISIS WOMAN?!?!?"

After wrestling her still in my arms, I finally got a good look and saw the kernel up her nose (phew, it isn't in her sinuses!) and began to think back: how did we get that piece of chicken out of Madeline's nose when she was younger? (Apparently this seems to be a common trend among our girls.) Oh yes, Kurt sucked it out with a straw! Ewwwwww.

But, being the good mom and knowing I needed to get that thing out before it did more damage, I grabbed a straw.... And then I got wise, grabbed a tissue and said, "Lily, you need to blow your nose...out, not in."

I put a little pressure on the top of her nose, just enough so she couldn't snort the thing up, and she huffed and she puffed and she blew it right out! THANK GOD! And, EWWWWWW!

So, there was this kid sitting there thinking, "I wonder if this small, prickly object will fit up my nose." And it did. The End.

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