Chicken Food

The lesser prairie-chicken’s diet consists of insects, seeds, and leaves, catkins, and buds of forbs (broad-leaved plants) and cultivated crops. -Wildlife Habitat Council

In short, chickens eat bugs.

Since school started a few weeks ago for Aidan and Madeline, I have had a small but significant issue on my hands: an un-entertained Lily. Although it is nice having some time with just her and Liam, today I simply needed to get some stuff done. And when I soon realized leaving Lily to her own devices meant finding her snap-crackle-and-popping around in a huge pile of Rice Krispie Cereal, of which she had dumped HALF A BOX all over the kitchen floor, I quickly came up with a new tactic: I gave Lily a cup, sent her out back and told her to find some bugs. After a while she came back in unannounced and soon we went to pick up her sister from school.

Fast forward to dinner...

I was browsing the refrigerator, deciding what to fix for dinner when I noticed an empty tupperware container on the middle shelf. I pulled it out and much to my surprise I saw a big, black and well preserved beetle sitting in the corner of the container. Apparently, though some chickens eat bugs, others just save them for later. Good ol' Lily.

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