It has been three long weeks. Kurt left for his hunting trip the day I drove the kids down to Florida to pay our respects and show our love to my grandmother who had passed after 99 incredible years. (More on her in a later post.)

He came home and immediately flew to Italy with our oldest daughter, Madeline, who had been invited to go train with a group of girls at Chievo and Genoa.

The night we went to go pick them up from the airport, after two weeks of flying solo, Liam could not stop talking about the weather. He went on and on. (And on and on and on....) Soon it was a slew of questions about the differences between tornadoes and hurricanes.

"Which one is worse?'

"Which one would you rather be in?"

"Why are we safe from tornadoes at our house?"

"Have you ever been in a tornado warning?"

"What did you do?"

"Do tornadoes have names?"

"Why not?"

"How many hurricanes did you survive?"

And on.....and on......and on.....until even I could take no more.

"Liam, we are done talking about the weather and natural disasters," I announced.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I am done answering those questions. Please pick a new topic." (I might not have been quite so polite.....)

Silence fell over the car. Briefly.

Then I hear Solomon from the way back of the truck say: "Hey Liam! Did you know there is a slight chance of death when you drive on the highway?"


Well......he's not wrong.

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