Fiiiiive Silkie Roos, Part 2

Blogger's note: Here is your early Christmas gift: I just wrote and entire post, like a NOVEL LONG and accidentally erased the entire thing. So, because I am now completely out of the time I didn't have to begin with, you get the abbreviated version.


So then, the day came, Eli was dropped off, and I ended up with what seems like a very typical Common Core Math problem where you have three Roosters, you give away three roosters and somehow end up with 3 Roosters. (Look, it makes sense if you ARE NO ONE WHO EVER TOOK MATH!)

And as T* and J* and their kids put away our new bunnies (what? I never mentioned the two new bunnies??? See what you missed in my NOVEL LONG POST?!) T* asked me, as he held back his tears, how we could give our lovely Maddy away without being entirely broken up. (Because we are not wimps T*, that's why! Just kidding.) I explained to him that we had already had to give away the Three Stooges and had several chickens die so we were hardened (hardened, make-believe farmers, that's us.) And that's how we ended up with Eli.....who happens to look exactly like our Three Stooges:

All's well that ends well, right??

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