This, That and the One Eyed Duck

*Sometimes, when I am tired of telling the kids to pick up their rooms, I sit on the floor while they play and throw little legos and army men under their bare feet when they are walking.....it makes me feel better, and teaches them a good life lesson.

*Lily asked me the other day how her voice sounded since she had forgotten her nasal spray medicine that morning. I told her she sounded a little hoarse.

"You mean like a Miniature Horse?"

When we chatted about possibly taking her tonsils and adenoids out to prevent her from having laryngitis so often and that it might take away her raspy voice she said, "But I like my voice! I don't want to get rid of it!"

Yes, yes she likes her pony voice very much. Obviously.

*You know you have a true friend when they give you a "Fried Egg Mold" just because they saw it in the store and had to get it for you...because it so totally rocks! And it makes you smile every time you use it so really, it kind of does totally rock!

(Thanks Deborah! What would I do without you....or this?!)

*When your son asks you to help find "his" missing goalie glove (that he stole from his sister) because he can't find it anywhere, and so you search and search and can't find it either, take a break and grab a glass of ice water and while you are in the freezer, just peek in the back of the ice box on a whim. (Don't ask questions. Just trust me.)

*When the local farmer tells you he has a one-eyed duckling for sale, don't get all excited as you picture bringing home your very own Cyclops Duckling.....and whatever you do, don't let your kids talk about it on the way home because then they might decide on a name (like Bingo, the One Eyed Duck) and twist your arm into going back and bringing home Bingo and his sidekick, Dawson (because apparently they come in pairs). And that, my friends, is how these two little guys made their way to our house and into their very own kiddie pool:

Bingo, showing off his good side, and his little sidekick, Dawson
Dawson, too cute for his own good.....and the only reason he still lives with us (I suppose I should have heeded all the warnings about how messy ducks are....my bad!)

*And finally, when your newest little day old peep allows you to hold it and rub its tummy until it totally relaxes and looks stoned, don't just assume it is one chilled out little peep.....
It was apparently a very patriotic peep, however. 

Happy 4th of July!

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