Conversations About The Coop Post

A few days back I was at a soccer game an hour away when I realized I had left the heat lamp on in the chicken coop. I was afraid of accidentally baking  my chickens and so I quickly called my lovely neighbor and asked if she could send a kid to unplug it for me. Problem solved. 

The next day she read my blog post about smearing Preparation H all over the bum of one of the chicks and so she sent me this text:

Neighbor: Preparation H on a chicken butt. Really?!
Me: Yeah. Just be glad I only asked y'all to unplug a light!!!

And I really meant it because what I failed to tell you last post was how this same little chicken had previously become what they call pasty, which means I had to wipe up the poop from her bum several times in order to clear the path for more to come out later…..it can be a real problem, clogging them up and killing them if you are not careful. That darn chicken better lay me a whole lot of eggs! 

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