The Cat that was Half Dog

The sun was out, the day was warm(ish) and in a great wave of compassion for our lazy cat who had been following the sunlight around all day in front of the windows, I let him out. Letting the inner-Libertarian shine through a little, I figured if he wanted to take the risk of getting eaten by coyotes, well then, who was I to stop him. Let him make his own choices for crying out loud…..

At any rate, he was prowling way out yonder, when the kids decided to go chase him down. I watched from the back porch as Lily snuck up behind Leroy and then yelled over her shoulder:

"Hey Mom! Leroy is pointing like he found something!"

"That's because he is part dog," I shouted back at her.

"REALLY?????" she yelled.

"Yeah, he's part Ridgeback, part Pointer and half cat," I said, laughing.

"Seriously, Mom?" she asked, only now with a hint of skepticism.

"NO LILY! Our cat is not. part. dog!" I said emphatically.

"Oh!" and off she went, giggling at herself.

The next day I overheard Lily telling the neighbor kids that our cat was part dog and that is why he is such a great hunter (you know, like a cat…..) Their mom gave me a quizzical look. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Kids."

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