Poultry Conversations

Recently, we (and by 'we' I mean 'I') have been looking into chicken stuff: coops, supplies, feed, pullets, etc. in order to be ready for our spring chickens which I, er, we will order soon. I We have been searching both in person (at local farm stores), in the Horse Trader newspaper, and online via Craigslist to try to get the best deals. As we were browsing online today, we ran across this ad for peacocks obviously MEANT FOR ME (I mean us) listed in our local Craigslist:

***Beautiful Male and Female, Hatched last summer, so only about 9 months old. Very tame, and they don't leave the property, you might have to cage them for a while till they get used to there new surroundings. They eat right out of your hand. $125 each or $225 for both. Call John…..***

Along with the incorrect use of the word there, it had several pictures of beautiful peacocks just ready and waiting for us to come and get them. So I immediately emailed Kurt:

Me:  Hope you don't mind, we bought one of these for our yard (and I included the above link).

Kurt: Heh, good thing I know you're kidding, otherwise I'd have a stroke.

Me: Note to self, take back male peacock.

Me: You know you kind of owe me a peacock, I practically moved to your home town and this guy will at least make it feel more like home to me. 

Me (figuring he was seriously contemplating since I hadn't heard from him in several minutes at least): Plus, I hear peacocks make a good impression on your neighbors. :)

Kurt: Um…..no

KILLJOY! Obviously he does not understanding the mutual support and compromise that is supposed to take place in a relationship. I mean, whatever happened with "for better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, with chickens and peacocks, so long as we both shall live"???

Maybe we will get lucky and a stray peacock will somehow miraculously find its way into our yard and find a nice big peacock meal waiting for him…..I should probably add peacock food to my list, just in case…..

Addendum: About 30 minutes after this email conversation I get a call from Kurt that went like this:

Me: Hello?

Kurt (not even bothering with hello): You were kidding right?

Me (after almost hyperventilating from laughing so hard): Hee hee, yes ……  (by which I mean, sure, let's go with that, and we'll pretend I don't pray everyday for a stray to accidentally show up…..)

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