The One Where the Running Ceased

Sometimes, when I allow myself to wander in thought, I think about the fact that at some point, (hopefully a point far, far away) I will go on my very last run and that will be that. I sometimes wonder if it will be an intentional last run, like a last big hurrah before I take to more gentle forms of exercise; or if it will be an abrupt and unexpected ending, one that I would rather not even imagine. (In case you are wondering, I try not to let my thoughts wander too frequently!)

At any rate, these were my thoughts as I was finishing up a fifteen mile training run on my treadmill two days ago when Kurt came in to chat. He hadn't been in the room for more than a minute when we heard a snapping noise and my treadmill came to an abrupt halt, leaving me stranded half a mile short of my goal in the midst of an obnoxious burning aroma. (Point: Abrupt and Unexpected.)

There were shouts of gladness and joy all around. We were filled with such delight. You know, like the delight a sweet little deer must feel the moment she realizes that following those two pretty glowing lights is a five thousand pound killing machine! "Oh, yippee! Look at De-light! De-light!" BAM!

If you have been following along, our first two months in Mars have been full of insanity: septic alarms going off, pipes bursting, flooded rooms, electrical shorts, phone problems galore, spotty internet, locked out email, dead car batteries (did I not mention that one?), overflowing toilets, and the list goes on and on. We have had so many technicians/specialists out that I am beginning to think we ought to just hire them on full time. So when the treadmill broke, well, I'd call it a last straw but as it turns out, it wasn't. It was just one more needle we didn't want to find in the hay stack but got stuck with anyway. 

So, for those of you who want to know how we like Mars so far…..it's simply delightful. Truly.

(Venison, anyone?)

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