You May Not be Cut Out to be a Photographer if.....

You might not be cut out to be a photographer if you can't get the smiliest kid in the universe to smile for the camera.

I'm not here to judge mind you. I have no special skills when it comes to photography. And when school pictures come along, I obviously have issues even dressing my kids appropriately as I learned, once again, this year when I sent Liam to his school pictures wearing his Fried Egg and Bacon Smiley Face shirt. It would have been great had they captured the entire shirt but since all they got were the eggs well......see for yourself....

I'm thinking maybe I need to get a shirt like this to help me in that particular department!

So, I am not judging mind you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but if you are a professional photographer and the best you can elicit from Guy Smiley is this (see Liam in Kurt's arms, not even paying attention, much less smiling!) I really do have to question your calling.

At any rate, here is our summer so far in pictures since I obviously can't find the words or time to write about any of it!

Love a helpful big brother! (We have FINALLY arrived!)
You can run in it.....you can cool off in it.....

You can even drink it....win win win.
What happens when Hypochondriac Mom meets Birthday. Seriously, have you ever thought about how much spit gets blown onto a cake at kid parties? Ewwww.

He's just prepping for his rock climbing life.

Coach Kurt

On our nature walk

The zoo has nothing on us....

God help us all when this day truly arrives.....

Probably the most fitting picture I have ever taken. Ever!

All good moms give fire to their five year olds so that they can chase their siblings with it.  Fact.

"Can we keep it?" (No.)

"Well can we just play with it a little?"

What a little humidity can do for you!

"Seriously lady. We've got to do something about this mop on my head!"

If there's a will, there's a way.

"Hey Solly, whatcha doin'?"
"Oh nothing much. Just wrecking havoc. Giving you another headache. You know, the usual."

Have a great weekend!

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