R.I.P. Mr. Coffee

The following story describes, in part, why this blog has been neglected lately.

So there I am, putting away some dishes. Solomonkey wanders over, because he senses there is a breach in the force and recognizes it can mean only one thing: A lock is undone on one of the kitchen cabinets.

In Solostealth mode, he quickly and quietly opens the cabinet, pulls out the coffee maker and much to his surprise, a frying pan comes tumbling out alongside it, landing smack dab on top of the carafe.....

It went down like a well built sky-scraper, glass stacked on glass.

"SOLOMONSIEUR! Qu'avez-vous fait ? What have you done?!" I exclaim, (you know, without the proper French) but it's too late.

With his sheepish grin, he just sits there, happy with himself in this sudden stroke of luck: Look what I did THIS time, he smirks.....

Oh, what a sad, sad day it is for our coffee maker.

(Next time, we'll pay extra for the stainless steel version!)

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  1. Hey Karen, was sending you a msg on Facebook when I saw you have a blog. Picked a random post to read and I absolutely love all the nicknames you come up with for Solomon. Just had to tell you as each one makes my smile just a little wider. TTYS Kara


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