I'm Thinking of An Animal

The following is our first real attempt at keeping the kids focused on a verbal game, in order to keep them quiet, so that we refrain from duct taping their mouths shut. It went something like this:

Me: Ok, I'm thinking of an animal.
Lily: Is it a bunny?
Me: What? No! Just wait, Lily. We'll go in age order. Aidan you're first.
Aidan: Is it a reptile?
Me: No. Madeline, your turn.
Madeline: Is it a bunny?
Me: No.
Kurt: Girls, you need to ask categorical questions first; questions about size and where it lives and....
Lily: How big is it?
Me: It has to be a yes or no question.
Lily: Is it a fish?
Me: No.
Liam: Does it live in a tree? Is it an EEEEEGUANA?
Me: No and no.
Aidan: Does it live on land?
Me: Hmmm, mostly.
Aidan: Oh, I know, is it a, a.....
Lily: Is it a Polar Bear?
Me: It's not your turn, Lily.
Madeline: Is it a Polar Bear?
Me: No.
Lily: Is it a Honey Bee?
Me: No.
Liam: Is it an EEEguana?
Me: Uh, no.
Aidan: Does it have fur?
Me: Yes.
Madeline: Is it a Penguin?
Me: Madeline, penguins don't have fur.
Madeline: Yes, they do.
Me: No, they are birds, they don't.
Madeline: But Penguins are mostly on land and sometimes in the water.
Aidan: Oh I KNOW! Is it....
Kurt and Me: Wait your turn!
Lily: (laughing) Is it a dog?
Me: No.
Liam: Is it an Iguana?
Me: Still no.
Aidan: IS IT A TURTLE?!!!
Me: No. Good idea though.
Aidan: Ooooh man! Oh, wait, I know, it's from that movie, you know, the one I read all the books for....(he runs out of the room then back again) The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe.
Madeline: Is it a lion?
Me: No.
Lily: (Laughing again) Is it a wardrobe?
Liam: Is it an Iguana?
Me: No and no.
Aidan: Is it a BEAVER!?
Me: Yes! Good Job, Aidan!

This went on a few rounds, guessing at fruit and bugs and planets before Liam wanted his turn.

Liam: I have an animal.
Madeline: Is it an Iguana?
Liam: (With fists excitedly waving up and down into the air like that old guy who loved Raymond on Everyone Loves Raymond) YYYYYEEEES! GOOOOOD JOB! YAAAAY! You GOT IT!

You know, because THAT was a tough one. Gotta love him!

Have a great day!

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  1. Hilarious. LOVE Lily... "Is it a wardrobe?" Thanks for making my day. :)


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