Honest Chickens

There is a blogger I read sometimes whose intent is to embrace a fully honest, mindful and self-sufficient lifestyle for herself and her family. This includes keeping their own chickens for eggs and meat. One of her last posts was about the day they slaughtered their first chicken after "chickening" out for six weeks past the normal market weight. When asked how it tasted she replied: "Honest."

We were making pancakes the morning of Liam's Birthday Party. Lily was helping (which meant she was holding the bag of chocolate chips in hopes I would put some in at the end).

"Mom, if I fill up my sticker chart in school I can pick out a prize from the box to give to Liam for his birthday," Lily told me.

"That sounds good. How many stickers do you need?" I asked.

"About six, I think," she said.

"Have other kids already gotten to take a prize from the box this year?" I asked, curiously.

"Yeah, my friend Haley did, and a lot of others," she said, looking a little less excited.

"Well, why haven't you?" I asked.

"Well, Mo-om, that would mean I have to be good," she said.

Now THAT'S what I call an honest chicken. (But we have no plans to eat her just yet.)

Happiest Returns on the Day to my little buddy, Liam!

It's a good thing he doesn't care at all about gifts. He will simply be thrilled to have Lily (and the rest of the brood) there with him while he manages NOT to eat his cake and ice cream, like at his birthday party this weekend. (He told everyone that all he wanted for his birthday was a cake. When we served cake, he did not even touch it. I suppose there is a reason he is under weight!) But we know one thing, he will have a big smile on his face regardless. He's a happy, honest chicken....same chicken stock as Lily.

Ok, I'm done now. :)

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