The Differences

Thought I had forgotten about you, didn't ya?! No such luck! We have just been super busy.

It occurred to me recently that although everyone thinks Madeline and Lily look a bit like twins, they are really very different kids. I don't know if it is because unlike the people-pleasing Madeline, Lily has already gotten in trouble this year for lashing out at other students (twice in one day....apparently they did SOMETHING to deserve having their work scribbled on by my daughter and then having their scissors snagged away) or if it is just the different types of things that they are "into" these days but no matter, they are each very much their own person. And I think it can be best accentuated by their art.

Let me use Aidan as the control sample. Notice his works of art: planned, skilled, structured. He is the kid who, when told to do his best work, executes every last stroke of his pen, pencil, or paintbrush with precision, putting each line meticulously in its place, making his mother panic in the painstakingly slow process of everything he does. But, the finished work is often worth the head contusions from banging the wall wait:
Aidan and Mom with Leroy (1st grade)

The Tiger (oil based pastels, 1st grade)
Under the Sea (2nd Grade)
The Horse (3rd Grade)
Black and White Sandile (from Pokemon, a few weeks ago)
Untitled (Last Weekend)

Then there is Madeline's art: simplistic, cute, happy, calm, relaxed.

The Honeybee (Preschool)

The Pig (Preschool)
Madeline and Kurt (Summer between Kindergarten and 1st)
Self-Portrait: Princess Madeline (Summer between Kindergarten and 1st)
Plain Bunny (1st grade)

Bandit Bunny (1st grade)
Self Portrait (Last Weekend...and almost true to size!) 

And then there is Lily. I think her frenetic art speaks for itself (as well as her inner being!):

Lily's Bunnies (perhaps on drugs or after selling their souls to the devil or both....)
Christmas Trees (gone wild!)
Person Unknown (but it sure as heck looks like the Muppet character  Beaker!)

Mom (Actually, this one is about right....I often feel just. like. that!)

The Sun (Smiling down on the Incredibly Gigantic Lady who wears the sun on her bosom and 5 monsters on her skirt with hair that puts even Rapunzel to shame! Oh wait, I think this was supposed to be me as well....)

Aidan Practicing Snare (drawn while he was performing for us this morning)

Have a happy week!

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  1. I had a blast looking through this art gallery. I am especially intrigued by all the bunnies. Bandit bunny?

    All great stuff.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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