Free Range Chicken Poop

Jamie decided if she were to make a lip balm it would have to be called Chicken Poop™, inspired by her grandpa's sense of humor. If one was to complain of dry lips he'd say, "put some chicken poop on your lips so you won't lick 'em".  --- from the company Simone Chickenbone, Natural Put-Ons

Chicken Poop Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm 1 eaA dear friend sent me a link to this chicken poop lip balm recently saying it made her think of me (ahhh, so truly, truly flattering, really...) and then just last week my husband was on a guy's trip and saw the same product in some store so of course he had to text me a picture of the logo. I know, I know, he's a romantic, what can I say?! But that's how this story rolls I suppose. I try not to read too much into these things but when twice in one month I have several people mention they thought of me when they saw a product called Free Range Chicken Poop, I do start to wonder: What does that say about me? And worse, what does it say about me that I get all giddy about it?!                                   

Seriously, do you ever feel like you could stand in for Jeff Foxworthy?

"You might be a redneck if.....someone sees a product labeled Chicken Poop and the first person they think of is YOU."

Oh well, if the poop fits.....just don't tell Kurt. I think I still have him convinced that I am a sweet,  young debutante....a true Southern Belle....a, hey, why are you laughing? Surely the Graceful Chicken could....ok, no, I couldn't.  

At any rate, I've decided this must be a sign that I need to host another Graceful Like a Chicken contest. Please, please, sit back down. I know you are super excited but no need to jump out of your britches. Here it is:

One lucky reader will win a sampling of Simone Chickenbone products, curtesy of moi. To enter, add a comment to this blog post telling me what you'd rather see 31 straight days of on this blog: 
a) memories 
b) personal poetry
c) random thoughts
d) a topic of a serious nature (i.e. forgiveness, happiness, love, grace, etc.)
e) you don't want 31 straight days of ANYTHING!

Winner will be chosen at random (your name will be in a hat) and notified via email. Deadline to enter is Sunday, August 14, 2011.  For my email subscribers, you need to go to the website to post a comment. Click on the title of the blog post (Free Range Chicken Poop) that is within the email. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and hit the "Post a Comment" tab. It's that simple. Good luck! :)


  1. I'd like to see your personal poetry.

  2. I've not just seen the Chicken Poop lip balm. I've owned it.

    I don't need to enter the contest, but since you're taking votes - - if memories wins I'll take on those 31 days with you. I did a month of posts in May, and it was fun. I was just trying to figure out what my next batch will be. A blogging friend uses questions from The Legacy Project as memory prompts, and I was thinking about doing that, too.

  3. I have to go with random thoughts...I like the way you think! I'm not sure I want to 'win' though...but if you were offering a 'cow pie' concealer - that would a different story!

  4. Obviously this is not my best attempt at "selling" a contest, hee hee hee.....oh well. We'll see what happens!

  5. I like your random thoughts. I can't imagine blogging for 31 days straight, but if you can do it, that's great!


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