Bring Your Own Blessing

Of course there is "the box" which was partially converted into the Sand Box today.....and Marv's work in putting it together. Those are huge.

But I also have to mention a little story from yesterday. Solomon and I were at the grocery store later in the evening and he started to get very fussy, quite unlike him but not too unexpected at that time of night. Anyway, he had been riding in his car seat, inside the cart, and I ended up needing to take him out to hold him while I loaded everything onto the belt at the check-out line, leaving me only one hand to use to bag the groceries. Reaching for what I needed was certainly cumbersome with him in tow and really, it was a struggle. (For those of you out of state, we bag our own groceries here depending on what store you are at.) Not too long into the scene, a young guy, who was with his wife and child, had apparently seen my predicament and he came over and asked if he could please bag the groceries for me. Usually I would thank him kindly and say I was okay (thanks but no thanks) but it seemed that he genuinely wanted to help and in that instance, I truthfully needed it. So, I gratefully stepped aside and finished up the check-out process. It was such a warm moment, that offering of help.

Smiling as I left the store, it occurred to me that it is these random acts of kindness, whether from friends or complete strangers, that so often prove how much goodness there is in the world. So often we are consumed by media images of hatred and evil and brokenness but if we look around, we are also ever surrounded by pure, wholesome goodness. That's such a blessing.

Where have you found such goodness this week?

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