On the Charts

"I am the entertainer,
And I know just where I stand:
Another serenader,
And another long-haired band.
Today I am your champion.
I may have won your hearts.
But I know the game,
You will forget my name,
And I won't be here
In another year,
If I don't stay on the charts." --Billy Joel

Enter Liam: We had a consult and weight check at his doctor's office yesterday. I was sure it was going to be bad as the little tyke has been hovering under 25 pounds for months and is still straggling far behind his peer group in developmental skills.

Weighing in at 24 pounds, 11 ounces and a bit over 35 inches tall, his doctor got all excited.

"Look at that! Liam is on the charts!" he exclaimed, pointing to his computer screen. Sure enough, there was Liam's little weight dot, just barely touching the 3rd percentile line. "I mean, it isn't the best growth ever but it has been a long time since he's been there," he went on, maintaining his optimism.

Meanwhile, I was marveling over his height, securely in the 25th percentile. While that doesn't exactly make him the Jolly Green Giant, at least he could wear the pants of Little Green Sprout now (assuming he can use a belt of course.)

So, I guess all those bags of potato chips are working, sort of. Better keep it up Liam because as Billy Joel points out, you won't be here in another year if you don't stay on the charts! (Hey, he said it, not me!)

Now, on to the geneticist we go! Hurray!

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