Orange Chick Marshmallows

As the youngest child of four, I always hated the taunting games that older children sometimes play on their younger siblings. One that quickly comes to mind goes something like this: Older brother has something little sister wants so he dangles it just out of her reach and watches as she jumps and lunges and squirms and reaches and bounces and tries with all her might to get to it. Older brother laughs hysterically. Because it is funny. Unless you are the little sister...

So, one of the cool things about being the parent is that even if you didn't have younger siblings to torture, you can have the same effect on your own kids in slightly, unexpected, variations. I recently had this experience when the grocery store had a huge sale on General Mills cereal. If I bought 6 boxes, I would get $10 off, plus I had a coupon. All said and done, each box was under $2. (YAY cereal for dinner for the next 2 weeks!)

Anyway, I thought it would be kind of fun to buy a box of Lucky Charms to reward the kids at some point for good behavior, or following directions, or not annoying one another, or....hmmm, I wonder if the cereal will still be magically delicious when grandkids come along.... At any rate, Madeline saw the box this morning and got very excited as she has never seen a box of Lucky Charms (at least, not to my recollection.) 

"Mom, I can't have any of these....these....these yummy things, right?" she asked.

"You mean the Lucky Charms? No, those are for when you and Aidan and Lily are REALLY good and get a special treat," I said. 

"Oh, I'm going to be really good then," she told me.

A few hours later Madeline came in and said, "Mom, I've been really good. Can I have some of the Magic Yummies?"

"Um, you mean the Lucky Charms." I corrected, snickering. "Not yet."

An hour or so later was snack time so Madeline grabbed the box of cereal and said, "Can I have some of these Lucky Treats?"

"Lucky Charms, Madeline. And not yet," I replied, holding back my laughter.

On the way to the store, Madeline asked, "Mom, if we are really good in the store can we have some of the Lucky Farms?" 

"Hee hee, you mean Lucky Charms," I said, imagining purple horses, red cows, orange chicks and green sheep marshmallows. "And no, you have to wait."

Lunch time rolled around and Madeline asked again, "Mom, can we have Lucky Harms for lunch?"

"Nope, and it's CHARMS, Lucky Charms," I repeated. 

"Oh right, Lucky Charms....can we have some?" 

"Not yet," I said.

After getting Aidan at the bus stop and shooing him off to his friend's house I pulled the box out and said, "Hey Madeline, what are these again?" 

"Um, they're Lucky, Lucky....Lucky somethings," she said. "Can you tell me?"

"Lucky Charms," I repeated, putting the box back.

"Can I have some now?" she asked, her eyes shimmering with hope.


And now I get it....dangle dangle....

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