Fight or Flight

Chickens will sometimes fly to explore their surroundings, but usually do so only to flee perceived danger.

Recall several posts ago when I said we had never seen a female Black Widow Spider in our house....yeah, scratch that.

The kids and I were getting the house picked up and vacuumed yesterday when I came across a lovely young widow spider in the corner of the window IN THE BABY'S ROOM! Argh! Also recall how fast I mentioned they were...she even outran the vacuum. Now, I have never been one to vacuum spiders because I know that they will live through the experience and come out angry and bitter and full of revenge..."Hi," they will say, jumping on me. "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." And they won't listen to reason when I explain to them that actually, their mother killed their father (I won't mention the possibility that I may have killed their mother of course.)

So, I am full of trepidation knowing, not only did we try, TWICE, but we failed both times to suck her up and now Ms.Montoya is probably out gathering her forces, telling all her widowed friends it is time to implement the plans for Operation Desert Idiots (that's us). How on earth can two educated people possibly FAIL to vacuum up a little spider? Life is often about timing and apparently, ours was poor.

Anyway, this left us with a little problem last night. You see, Lily has been transitioning into her big kid bed in what will now be the girl's room. But, because she is a rascally 22 month old, she sees no reason to actually stay in her bed once we leave the room. And our only recourse is to put her temporarily in her crib until she sees the wisdom of staying in the bed instead.

Last night, being much like the previous 5 nights, Lily waltzed around behind the closed door, gathering toys to put under her sheets, since she obviously has no intention of using them otherwise, and "making mischief of one kind or another" (like jumping on Madeline's pillow, where Madeline's HEAD happened to be sleeping and did NOT appreciate the rude awakening) when I finally decided it was time to give her the crib reminder. But when I entered the baby room I remembered, argh! Ms. Montoya is still in here, plotting her revenge! And then another thought occurred to me, is it considered cruel and unusual punishment to lock a kid in a room with a potentially deadly spider?

Well, I left Lily in the crib, screaming with indignation, and went to tuck Madeline back in bed. (She had made a mad-dash to the door behind me when she realized Lily was leaving which would mean she might be left alone for more than a breath or two.) That's when I heard the KERTHUNCK and the yelp and crying that followed. I rushed back in to find Lily dazed and rolling on the floor, having jumped overboard, trying to get herself into an upright position. She can't have understood about the spider, I thought. But then this is the same toddler who did a spider dance over a strand of hair touching her leg. Perhaps, when it is between fight or flight, Lily chooses to fly, and um, gracefully so. Much like a chicken.

To be continued...

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